Bootshine Jewelry is a southern based lifestyle brand for women and girls of all ages that love to wear their COWBOY BOOTS!  Through our unique collections, Classic, Seasonal, Bridal, Cowgirl-ette, and Boots and Bling there is a piece that represents everyone. We can even customize something special for your wedding day!  With new designs coming out frequently, along with our seasonal favorites, you can be sure your boot will match the season. While boot jewelry will always be the heart of our brand we are excited to announce that we are expanding our product line.
We all have a calling that is dear to our heart. For me that calling is to ENSURE ALL WOMEN KNOW THAT THEY SHINE JUST THEY WAY THEY ARE!  Or as we like to say "SHINE FROM THEIR HEAD TO THE BOOTS". Our mission is to help women become CEO of their life and find that shine through our own "GIRL GONE CEO" movement. Please visit and follow our blog for more information.
We all have things in life that bring us back to our childhood. Memories that are engrained in our soul and make us who we are today.  It can be important people, special places, even a culture or way of living that defines us.  Growing up in a military family we moved often meeting many different people and living in many different cultures.  While it was an experience and way of life I would not change, based on the sacrifices my father and all military families go through, it could be hard at times.  One of the things that never changed was our house was always filled with country music and there began my love for the southern lifestyle and way of living!  Those that know me best, know that my favorite date night is a country concert with my "Cowboy" and my favorite pair of boots!
2013 was a busy summer of country concerts.  I was getting ready with the girls for a concert! I picked out the perfect dress (I can remember it to this day), bought a perfect matching "shining" black belt and, as all of us boot loving girls know wanted the perfect pair of cowboy boots to match. I had a great black pair all lined up. The problem... I needed a little bling, some shine, on my boots and while there are many amazing cowboy boot lines with bling I didn't have the time to get a new pair.  So I got creative and made my own.  Something that would add that bling, that "SHINE" I wanted. I left that amazing concert not only with a idea but with orders.  BOOTSHINE JEWELRY was born!  
Over the next few years I continued to make jewelry for boots, and although I dreamed of turning it into a full-time career, I continued down the path of my traditional role and the rewarding career in banking that I had already built..But, it wasn’t enough for me to give up my dream of making my jewelry for boots and to help women shine!
When the opportunity arose, I, like so many other women, took a leap of faith in myself and decided to make my dreams come true. I am so excited to announce our 2018 official kick-off and launch for BootShine Jewelry!  With BootShine Jewelry, I hope that you will feel so special, so beautiful, and so confident that you literally — and figuratively — shine! Together we can make it happen! Stay tuned for amazing new designs, future products, accesorries and news about BootShine Jewelry!  We promise you will love them and enjoy wearing them!